Thursday, July 22, 2010

Howard Storm: "My Descent into Death"

Howard Storm died and to his shock...descended into Hell. He went from writhing in excruciating physical pain in a Paris hospital to the paralyzing fear of landing in the "sewer of the universe."

A successful college professor, Storm had been living a comfortable life-without God. You see-he had become an atheist. A Godless man who believed in power and money and self preservation. He Loved the things of this world and rejected the possibility of an eternal life. He wasn't a bad person by all accounts, he was simply as selfish and self centered as so many of us are.

So you can imagine his horror when he died and came face to face with the most heinous evil spirits...Demons sent to inflict unimaginable emotional and physical pain. Spirits that fed off of his agony because their only goal was to torment and destroy him-for eternity!

I interviewed Storm for television on more than one occasion and I have to say, it is the one interview that I always share with people. For me it is proof that we cannot take our sins too lightly and yet it is evidence of the immeasurable mercy of God!

Storm's harrowing experience-in my opinion, is eclipsed by God's unconditional Love. An honest feeling of remorse and a simple heartfelt prayer actually saved Storm's soul from eternal damnation. He says as he cried out for forgiveness, a white light appeared in the distance and began moving toward him. Then Jesus wrapped him in his Loving embrace and lifted him out of the darkness and into the light of heaven where he watched a riveting review of his life.

Storm saw his sins through the eyes of Jesus and so he felt the pain he had inflicted on others by his own selfish desires. He says it was an agonizing, eye opening process because he was actually judging himself.

Famed author Anne Rice who ranks among the most gifted writers in history, has been deeply touched by Storm and is now a proponent of his bestselling book, "My Descent into Death." In the forward she wrote, "The story is beyond remarkable. Hell and Heaven are realized in these pages."

What I realized and continue to realize every time I think about this that God not only exists, but he is a living God who is constantly providing opportunities for us to come closer to him. Despite our arrogance and unbelief, he is willing to pluck us from the pit of death and give us another chance...To Love him-and others-as he has Loved us.

Howard Storm is now a Protestant minister and he preaches a message of hope and redemption. He has been called to give his testimony, August 28Th, in beautiful Natchez Mississippi. Evangelization 2010 promises to be a weekend of spiritual renewal, praise and worship. If you believe-and especially if you don't-I believe you will never regret attending this conference.

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Paul Dougherty said...

I saw your program with Howard Storm. A prophet that is very much needed in our times.