Tuesday, April 27, 2010


There is a movement underway, that grew one million strong...in just fifteen months.
A movement that has spread like wildfire through Colombia, Peru, Mexico and now the United States.

I interviewed today, the man God chose to head this ministry...John Rick Miller.
Miller is a former business executive, whose profoundly inspiring life story weaves a wonderful journey from the soul of man to the heart of God.

Miller's movement, "For the Love of God," is a clarion call for action among every man, woman and child. It is a call to turn back to God--personally, intimately, lovingly...To turn our lives over to God...by developing a one on one relationship with the creator of Heaven and earth. That eternal power at the top of the spiritual chain of command...The alpha and the omega-the father of all mankind...God.

Our video interview lasted one hour, but I could have continued much longer. Miller's phenomenal conversion experience began as a young child, but took a pivotal turn twenty years ago in Medjugorje. Yes, he's had visions and miracles and participated in healings through intercessory prayer...He's seen the future and he's even been harassed by the dark side. But those things, those phenomena...Miller takes in stride.

Truly, his story is the story of one man's yes, to the call from God...to walk away from the familiar fanfare of this world, straight into the spiritual serenity of the next. In fact, by his soulful example, he is being used as an instrument of God-to save souls.

Miller's movement creates communities of prayer in cities worldwide that are consecrated to the sacred heart of Jesus and the immaculate and sorrowful heart of Mary.

It is-he says, the final countdown...The last curtain call in a world that is slipping further and further into the sinful annihilation of the soul.

It has been my experience that God sends us prophets and visionaries, mystics and saints--to save us--often from our own laziness and outright unbelief. God sends people just like us, to shake us up, and hopefully wake us up, from our selfish indifference and from the slumber of self destruction.

If you're wondering if this message is for you-It is. If you want to know how, google Miller's name. Or better yet, pray. Open your heart in honest surrender and ask God to guide you, for the benefit of your soul...and for the soul of mankind.

In the spirit of 17Th century philosopher Edmund Burke, Miller's mantra is a message for all of mankind, "For evil to exist, all that is necessary is that Godly men do nothing."

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