Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Bernie Klein’s life took a pivotal turn when he died. His death shocked him into seeing himself as God saw him. It was painful.

When he returned to life inside his battered body which had suffered the effects of a massive heart attack, Bernie knew what he had to do.

He made amends for the unhealthy choices he had made. He resolved to devote the rest of his life to serving God. Bernie’s death had pumped new life into the wounded heart of a man who had rejected the call from God.

Physically-Bernie would not recuperate. He never went home from the hospital. Yet he had been healed-in every single way that matters. His vision became crystal clear as he viewed his life through the eyes of his soul. His fragmented heart began pulsating to the rhythm of divine love and his conscience became illuminated by a glowing light that framed a contagious desire to know and serve the Lord.

Bernie shared his experience with his wife Judy, who is a close friend of mine...And now she is sharing it with the rest of us through her recent book, “Miracle Man.”

But you might ask, “Why did God let Bernie die, then allow him to return to life-only to let him die again and this time-permanently?" Since I’m not God I don’t have the answer. However, it’s been my experience that stories like Bernie’s reveal the loving mercy of God for the individual who is undergoing the experience, and for the rest of us who need spiritual growth.

For me, his story inspires deep reflection. Am I becoming the person God designed me to become? Am I following the will of God? If I died today, would I be ready to face God?

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